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Derby Gaol is a working museum which is open to the public. Having been through many incarnations (including a nightclub) since it's construction, it was eventually bought in 1997 by paranormal investigator, and dedicated historian Richard Felix. It was then restored after much hard work, to it's current condition, mirroring as closely as possible, its original state

Opening Times
Derby Gaol and Police Museum open every Saturday 11am 'til 3pm, apart from the last Saturday of every month. Entrance fee is £3 per person, children under 16 are £1 per child

The Gaol is also available for private tours during the week for parties of 10 or more at a price of £3 per head. Please phone the free phone number below to book.

For any information on the opening hours or other events please telephone:

01335 360 882

How to find us
Click here for directions and map

Currently the Gaol has two cells: The Condemned Cell and the Debtor's Cell. Each one features the original doors which have been rehung, complete with the prisoners' original 'graffiti'... names, dates, and day markers, etched into the wood, marking down how many days the prisoner had until execution.

The Gaol, always an important piece of Derby's history, was brought to the nation's attention several years ago by TV's 'Most Haunted' (of which the owner, Richard Felix, is also a part). This twenty four hour investigation in Derby bought the whole area, but especially the Gaol, to a much greater and more widespread audience than it had ever had. It has rapidly become a popular destination for ghosthunters, serious investigators, or just the curious. Whatever your interest, this site is here to represent one of Derby's most famous places.

Lacy Powell, aged 25. Crime: Highway robbery. Sentence: Death. Year of sentence: 1801



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